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What will you have to do?


You will be asked to provide some basic information about yourself.


You will be asked to provide your Alberta Health Care number and residence postal code.


You will be asked to complete standardized assessments at enrollment, periodically thereafter and at the study end. These will only take approximately 10 minutes.


If you are randomized to the "patient navigator" group, you will be contacted by a patient navigator to assist in your transition and transfer process. 


If you are randomized into the "usual care" group, you will receive the usual support that your clinic and healthcare teams provide along with newsletters and resources to help with transition. 


We will observe your progress through the adult health care system by tracking how you use the health system (hospitalization, emergency room visits, primary care visits).


At the end of the study, we will contact you or your nominated delegate (parent or guardian) to complete an End of Study form which will ask you some basic questions about your life at that time.

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