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For Parents


Transition to adult care is a challenging process for youth with special health care needs. 

Patients are likely to experience:

  • Loss to follow-up

  • Irreversible health deterioration

  • increase in co-morbidities

  • increase in expensive emergency care

The Transition Navigator Trial (TNT) evaluates the effectiveness of usual care + patient navigator service, versus usual care + newsletters and seminars, to improve transition outcomes among adolescents with chronic health conditions.


The patient navigator is a trained social worker who will help address patient needs as they adjust to the adult healthcare system.

The navigator will focus on:

  • preparing for transfer

  • reducing social and economic barriers to healthcare

  • serving as a health system broker

  • promoting self-management

This study will provide urgently needed data to guide health care providers regarding providing coordinated transitional care.

The results will have the potential to:

  • Change care delivery

  • Improve health outcomes

  • Improve experiences of young adults transitioning to adult care

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